We are an Independently owned and operated Online Travel company.Founded in 2012 by a small group of travel industry specialists who believe that everyone should be able to travel in comfort and not be treated like cattle. Since 2012 we have helped 1000's of customers worldwide find great discounts on First and Business class flights.

About Us

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Our mission is to offer travelers unrivaled
savings on the pinnacle of  luxurious
First and Business Class flights.

We believe travel should be fun and comfortable.

International flights should be comfortable and enjoyable.     However,   today airlines are squeezing more and more people into their Economy cabins,   so the only solution to ensure a great start or end to your dream vacation,   or arrive fresh for that important business meeting  is  to travel in First of Business class.

Save money on international first and business class flights.

  • We work with ALL Major Carriers.
  • Direct flights available.
  • Save $1,000 or more per passenger.
  • Fast, knowledgeable and personal service.
  • Return, One-Way, Multi-City and Round-the-World Tickets.
  • Most tickets are changeable (with a fee)

Meet the Team

Donald Lewis


Donald has many years experience working with Continental Airlines and United Airlines. He also worked as an innovator in the wireless industry.

Mark Anderson


Mark has 20+ years experience working with some of the largest airlines in the industry, including KLM/Northwest and Virgin Atlantic.

Luxury Flight Consultants

Alex White

Luxury Flight Consultant

Mar Araujo

Luxury Flight Consultant

Jasper Bailey

Luxury Flight Consultant

James Brown

Luxury Flight Consultant

Jason Brown

Luxury Flight Consultant

Mr. Terry Carpenter

Luxury Flight Consultant

Emma Hamilton

Luxury Flight Consultant

Maui Peralta

Luxury Flight Consultant

Toma Shulbaeva

Luxury Flight Consultant

Cristian Stirb

Luxury Flight Consultant

Martin Jones

Martin Jones

Luxury Flight Consultant

Josef Brown

Luxury Flight Consultant

Ann Alfafara

Luxury Flight Consultant

Flight Researchers and Marketing Team

  • Mary Grace Abuda – Flight Researcher

  • Irene Araneta – Flight Researcher
  • Judy Anne Bartolaba – Flight Researcher
  • Crystal Jane Blasabas – Flight Researcher
  • Danilo Brillo – Flight Researcher
  • Roselyn Busa – Flight Researcher
  • Nina Cinco – Tele-Marketing
  • Fran Fiddler – Tele-Marketing
  • Arjelly Flores – Flight Researcher
  • Ranie Garcia – Flight Researcher
  • Ellen Herrera – Flight Researcher
  • Tamim Hossain – Flight Researcher
  • Cherryl Jean Japitan – Flight Researcher
  • Jessa Junia – Flight Researcher
  • Mejbhahuddin Kaucher – Flight Researcher
  • Erika Lavery – LFC Executive Assistant
  • Gemma Layan – Flight Researcher
  • fizz mahmud – Flight Researcher
  • Janice Serifer Mendoza – Flight Researcher
  • Richard Peralta – Flight Researcher

  • Stephen Smith – Flight Researcher
  • Prestine Sumagang – Flight Researcher
  • Partho Tanmej – Flight Researcher
  • Marc Gregory Turno – Flight Researcher
  • Lady Sheynn Vengco – Flight Researcher


No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your escape perfect.