Our Team members are at the heart of FirstClassDiscountAir. Not only are our team members all highly trained and dedicated to obtaining the best travel options for you, they have all traveled extensively themselves and worked with many of the worlds foremost airlines. This combination of skill and real world experience is key to bringing you the an un-paralleled service. So sit back and let us do the work for you and benefit from our skill, knowledge and experience.

Meet our team.

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Donald Lewis


Donald has many years experience working with Continental Airlines and United Airlines.       He also worked as an innovator in the wireless industry.

Mark Anderson


Mark has 20+ years experience working with some of the largest airlines in the industry,  including  KLM/Northwest  and Virgin Atlantic.

Luxury Flight Consultants

Alex White

Luxury Flight Consultant

Toma Shulbaeva

Luxury Flight Consultant

Cristian Mihai Stirb

Luxury Flight Consultant

Emma Hamilton

Luxury Flight Consultant

Terry Carpenter

Luxury Flight Consultant

James Brown

Luxury Flight Consultant

Jason Brown

Luxury Flight Consultant

Margarito Araujo

Luxury Flight Consultant

Flight Researchers and Marketing Team

  • Nina Cinco – Tele-Marketing
  • Amber Dela Torre – Tele-Marketing
  • Fran Fiddler – Tele-Marketing
  • Erika Lavery – LFC Executive Assistant
  • Annaliza Alfafara – Flight Researcher
  • Charlyn Amoin – Flight Researcher
  • Maylanie Amora – Flight Researcher
  • Irene Araneta – Flight Researcher
  • Tamim Hossain – Flight Researcher

  • Donalyn Baldio – Flight Researcher
  • Crystal Jane Blasabas – Flight Researcher
  • Danilo Brillo – Flight Researcher
  • Geralyn Flordelis – Flight Researcher
  • Arjelly Flores – Flight Researcher
  • Mejbhahuddin Kaucher – Flight Researcher
  • Ikecraig Jean Laoagan – Flight Researcher
  • Noveim Leoligao – Flight Researcher
  • fizz mahmud – Flight Researcher
  • Janice Serifer Mendoza – Flight Researcher
  • Ma. Maureen Jane Peralta – Flight Researcher
  • Jiann Sia – Flight Researcher
  • Stephen Smith – Flight Researcher
  • Partho Tanmej – Flight Researcher
  • Lady Sheynn Vengco – Flight Researcher